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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Last Review: 30 MARCH 2023

*Are you taking blood pressure medications?

Since CBD can lower blood pressure, it is important to know if a person is taking medications for high blood pressure.  Find out if the blood pressure medications control the person's blood pressure.  If the medication brings the blood pressure too low, it would be best to consult their physician.  When taking CBD with a low blood pressure, the CBD could cause light-headedness or can cause the person to pass out.  If the blood pressure medication does not effectively control the person's blood pressure, they can use CBD as it may lower blood pressure to normal range.

*Are you on any blood thinners?

Many blood thinners work by utilizing the Cytocrome P 450 liver enzyme pathway, which is the same pathway, utilized by CBD.  As a result, if a person is on one of these blood thinners and CBD, it could cause the blood to become too thin or it can reduce the effectiveness of both the blood thinner and the CBD.  It would be best to talk to a physician if on blood thinners before starting on CBD.

 *Do you eat grapefruit?

It is best to avoid grapefruit or grapefruit juice while taking CBD.  The reason is that grapefruit or grapefruit juice blocks the Cytocrome P 450 liver enzyme pathway disallowing the CBD to work properly.

 *Are you sensitive to medications?

This question is important to help a person with proper dosing to achieve the desired result.  If a person reports that they are sensitive to medications, it would be best to start with very low doses and slowly move up.  Many times people who are sensitive to medications, low dose CBD may achieve the person's desired effect.  One can always move up in dosage or down in dosage as they choose.  CBD does not affect every person in the same manner.  As each human has different physiological aspects (weight, body fat, metabolism, dietary habits, etc.), CBD has varied therapeutic reactionary benefits given this life fact.

 *What do you want to use CBD for?

This question addresses dosing CBD to help resolve certain problems. Often, dosing for these disorders, 50 - 150 mg could be appropriate.  Each person who begins to take CBD needs to use the dosing guidelines and take the tincture twice daily.  Twice daily or more often is the best way to take CBD so it remains in the system for a longer period of time.

 *How long should one take CBD?

CBD is a rather benign supplement so a person can use it daily with no negative results.  As always, consult your physician.

*Can CBD be given to animals like dogs or cats?

CBD is perfectly healthy for pets.  Any animal that has an endocannabinoid system could be helped by using CBD.  Both our 4-year-old cats are given CBD with their evening meal.

 *How much CBD is too much?

At this time there are no known top dose.  It appears to be nearly impossible to harm oneself through an overdose of CBD.  The worst thing that could happen is that a person will get light headed and/or need a nap because it makes them sleepy.  Most of the time this reaction will dissipate with consistent use after about three days. 




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