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Georgia CBD was created in the sincere pursuit to sustain quality-of-life habits, products and options. To educate our current and future patients how incorporating nutraceuticals, recuperative practices with CBD that improve your health outcomes. Georgia CBD’s natural healing philosophy and staff professionalism are tied to sourcing with premier, natural CBD products from carefully vetted industrial hemp cannabis oil producers. We thoroughly research, inspect and understand our suppliers’ production practices. We ensure our producers have verifiable experience, especially when attributed to applicable Federal, State and Local requirements.

Announcements and Information


Free Shipping


Georgia CBD Distributors (GeorgiaCBD.Life) is offering FREE SHIPPING for all products as a way to help out and give back to our community which has been so greatly affected by COVID-19/the Coronavirus.  We plan to offer this service to all customers until further notice. 


Free shipping is limited to UPS Ground or USPS 1st Class Mail only.  If you are needing items using any other shipping method, prices remain the same & not free. 


We will send all of your CBD needs directly to your door with no charge to get to you! 


Stay Healthy and use CBD to change your life!         GeorgiaCBD.Life



Delivery Service 


Georgia CBD Distributors will provide same day delivery only for parts of the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.  This service is being provided as a convenience to help those who are house bound or cautious about COVID-19. Below are the guidelines for this service: 

This service is provided to those who place orders through our website:  GeorgiaCBD.Life

Same day delivery can be made for orders received by or before 12:00 PM.

The delivery limit in miles is 20 miles one way.

The delivery fee is based on round trip miles.  All partial miles round up to the next whole mile.  The cost for delivery is $1.00 per mile based on MapQuest GPS Fastest Route.

Example:  GPS shows 2.2 miles.  That would be 3 miles one way or 6 miles total.  The total cost for delivery would be $6.00.

Delivery will be charged separately from your order.  Georgia CBD Distributors will contact you by telephone to confirm the delivery and will calculate and process the delivery fee at that time.  The driver will not carry cash for safety reasons.


If you would like your order delivered, please call 770-908-0121.  If there is no answer, please leave your name, address, and telephone number.  We will get back to you quickly.



Check out GeorgiaCBD.Life! 


We have new products on our website: 


Look for Pangaea Rx.! 


Pangaea Rx. Is a truly remarkable product as it works and contains 0% THC!  This product is called Broad Spectrum because it has all the cannabinoids in the plant except no THC.  Pangaea Rx is a practitioner’s brand and is exceptionally high quality.  Terpene engineering has been used to add back the synergy of this product since it contains no THC. 


Pangaea Rx. is the best choice for everyone who has concerns or fears about any THC in the products purchased.  This would be great for people who work in the airline industry, delivery, teaching, government, or military as it would not cause a drug test to show THC. 


Look for Water Rock Farming Hemp Extract! 


Water Rock Farming is a FECO/RSO which means it is a Full Exctract Cannabis Oil/Rick Simpson Oil.  This means that the product is potent.  It does have a very strong taste, but you can’t find a better full spectrum product! 


Look for the Veritas Gummies!  


Yummie gummies and only 5mg of CBD in each one!  They’re a great way to get your CBD if you don’t care about a little sugar.  Chew it up until it dissolves in your mouth for best results!



Georgia CBD Life 


First Edition                                                                                      April 3, 2020 


As I sit at home watching my new baby chicks grow, I let my mind wander and meander around.  I think of how scary the coronavirus is and how quickly and easily it spreads from person to person.  I then think of the fear this pandemic has caused worldwide.  This is real and people are getting sick and people are dying.  We’ve never experienced anything quite like this in our lifetime not to mention in this entire modern era. 

I all of a sudden tune in to the peeping of my little chicks and I realize that life proves its fragile resilience through adapting and learning.  We have learned to social distance meaning we shouldn’t be anywhere close to others.  The professionals say that 6 feet or more is appropriate but further is even safer. 

I still have to work on the front lines.  I still work with the public and CBD but I wear gloves and a proper mask.  I wash my hands often, and we disinfect most things we can think of that are touched like doorknobs, keys, telephones, and keyboards.  Think out of the box with your disinfecting!  Don’t forget your car, too!  Another great use for wearing a mask is that it discourages us from touching our face, which can be an easy way to transmit the coronavirus.  Touching our faces is something we do without even thinking about it and a mask is a fabulous reminder not to do so. 

Let’s talk about masks for a moment.  Not all masks are created equal and to make it more confusing, many of the professionals discourage mask use if you’re healthy.  Apparently, the sick should be wearing them in that thinking.  The CDC does recommend wearing a mask regardless of health but especially if you’re sick, COVID-19 or not.I wear an N95 mask which has the ability to filter out a virus.  Some masks do not have that ability.  To clear up all my conflict and fears about this, I am healthy and I wear a N95 mask and gloves at work in order to hopefully remain healthy and what’s more, help to keep others healthy also. 

At any rate, wearing a mask takes some getting used to.  I’m not accustomed to breathing in so much of my own warm breath.  It becomes uncomfortable and my knee jerk reaction is to just take it off.  Other than to eat or drink, I left the mask on and finally took it off when I got in the car to go home. 

I have had a lot of extra stress because of so much unknown and we seem to be fighting things we can’t even see.  My attention has been directed more toward looking for ways to help my immune system remain strong.  I think of what I can take to help myself if I experience any unusual symptoms that may not be only my normal allergies.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell what symptoms from what and that causes my nervousness and angst go up. 

I’m certain that we have all felt more nervous, more stressed, more concerned (not only about ourselves but also our loved ones – family, friends, co-workers, and our daily acquaintances.  As we continue to live in “lockdown” isolating ourselves from others; even others who we love dearly, our levels of stress and nervousness will only climb.  I think a lot about things we can do to help ourselves reduce this excess stress that we have building up inside of us at present. 

We can do more as core families.  So many families in our modern world have never experienced the stressors surrounding being cooped up together for an extended period of time.  Our main contacts with the outside world right now are through the media, be it televisions, radios, computers, or telephones.  These methods of contact and communication are great, but for most of us, not enough.  We need to feel free to move about and navigate crowds without fear of catching a novel virus. 

The experience that our freedoms have been restricted is not only real but also highly stressful causing feelings ofangst and hopelessness.  So how can we help ourselves and each other to be the best we can as we learn to adapt to this “new normal?” 

I think about exercise and how important regular exercise is for helping us to feel more centered and balanced.  Meditation and yoga are also excellent ways to help us grow while being under general isolation circumstances. I think of books and getting caught up on my reading or even writing (which is what I’m doing now!) 

Other than exercise, which could be just walking, or reading a good book, or watching TV, or surfing the web, we may want to turn to looking at what supplements could be helpful for me to strengthen my immune system or to help reduce much of this insidious stress I feel during this highly uncertain time.  It would be helpful to feel calmer, more focused, or just be able to get some good sleep! 

Although CBD will not help fight COVID-19, it can have some very positive effects when used.  Hemp or CBD products can help reduce feelings of stress and discomfort as we go through this frightening and confusing time in our lives.  CBD products will not cause any of the negative effects of taking opioids, benzodiazepines, or drinking alcohol and is not addictive like those just mentioned.  Many CBD products contain 0% THC even (these are called Broad Spectrum)!  There are many full spectrum products available also.  Full spectrum products can contain THC up to but not over the legal limit of 0.3% in Georgia and Federally.  This is only a trace amount of THC, so you still will not get high. 

Georgia CBD Distributors is here to provide you with updated information surrounding our CBD products.  We are here to help you and to answer your questions to educate you about CBD and the potential benefits it provides.   

Georgia CBD feels it’s of the utmost importance to only carry the highest quality, personally tested CBD products and provide all of the Certificates of Analysis (COA)’s for each product directly from the company producing the product.  All COA’s are third party tested to assure quality and accuracy. 

Please come and visit us at GeorgiaCBD.Life.  We’re not about being commercial, we’re all about LIFE!  Life is a part of our website name and we chose it to be that way.  More fine products will soon be coming to the GeorgiaCBD.Life website as well!  They include:  the Pangea Rx Broad Spectrum line (meaning it is THC Free, 0%) which is locally produced and Water Rock Farming FECO/RSO Full Spectrum from the desert of Nevada.  Both of these new products are virtually unbelievable and could change your life! 

Thank you for visiting us at GeorgiaCBD.Life!




COVID-19 CBD Information 


From Georgia CBD Distributors 


 Georgia CBD Distributors (GeorgiaCBD.Life) wants to be sure everyone knows some of the basic recommendations out there to fight COVID-19 / the Coronavirus. 


 COVID-19 or Coronavirus is a new virus and has just recently been deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), meaning people are being exposed and the numbers seem to be going up daily.  There is not much yet known about this virus.  Some of the knowns are that COVID-19 has an approximate death rate of 3.4%, it can survive on surfaces for up to 3 days, it can pass from person to person, and symptoms include fever, cough, and fatigue.   


 At this time, there is no known treatment for this virus, however, there are ways to help keep it from spreading.  Recommendations include to wash hands often with soap and water, use good hand sanitizer, disinfect everything you can (phones, credit cards, keyboards, door handles, etc.), don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or ears as those are entry points for the virus.  Masks and gloves are difficult to get right now.  Be sure to get the correct type of mask as a pollen mask will not be effective.  Social Distancing is also a recommendation.  This means stay away from crowds and try to keep at least a 6-foot distance between you and others. 


 CBD will not fight nor prevent this COVID-19 / the Coronavirus.  One should continue to use CBD products for other reasons, such as, reducing the nervousness associated with all the unknowns surrounding this virus or keeping down inflammation.  


Keep yourselves safe and healthy!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at Georgia CBD Distributors (GeorgiaCBD.Life)


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